Q: How do I sign up for a Personal Event Photo Shoot, or PEPS?

A: As much as we would like to photograph all swimmers, this is just not possible. Therefore, we've come up with a way to increase the chances of getting your swimmer photographed by signing up for a Personal Event Photo Shoot. Please click here for instructions.

Q: If I purchase digital images from DARTpics.com, will I own all the photos you shoot?

A: No. The photographer retains the copyright on all my images, so the photographer "owns" their creations – much like authors or songwriters who "own" their creative work. As a client, your purchase will provide a personal use license that allows you to download your digital files and print them with any vendor you choose.

Q: How do I buy prints of my favorite photos?

A: To purchase a single photo, click on the photo to make it large-screen size. You will see a blue BUY button in the lower right corner. Click the blue button, and the website will show lots of options for paper prints, wall art, keepsakes, digital downloads and even phone cases. If you order prints – especially any size other than 4x6 – you will have the option to crop the photo before you place your order. And if you don’t see something that you want, let us know at support@dartpics.com and we’ll try and get it for you. All orders are printed and fulfilled by Bay Photo professional lab.

Q: How do I share and comment on photos?

A: To share a photo directly from the gallery, click on your favorite image to make it large-screen size. In the lower right, the first icon is the Share Icon (square with an arrow). Click it and a black pop-up box will appear with tabbed options for Photo, Gallery and Social sharing. Under the Photo tab, you can copy the link and send the link to any recipient of your choosing. Under the Gallery tab, you can copy and share an entire gallery if you’d like. Under the Social tab, you will have the option to share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. When your favorite photo is in large-screen view, the second icon in the lower right is the Comment Icon (talk bubble). Click on it to leave comments on individual photos. (You may need to create a user ID so we know who you are!

Q: What if I don't see my swimmer's gallery?

A: There is a good chance that your swimmer is unlisted because you opted for your swimmer's image not be shared with the rest of the world. If you'd like to check if your child's gallery is unlisted, contact us at support@dartpics.com.

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